Crash & Flow (EP)

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Krussia – Crash & Flow – 2015

1. KnckrbckR
2. Crash & Flow
3. T.O.W.K
4. Passerby
5. Sink out da Window
6. Blade Blues / Бля буду
7. Where d party @

Produced by Alexander “Krussia” Kalnev and Uri Djemal

Krussia : vocals, beatbox
Randy Runyon : Guitar
Devin Collins : Drums
Big Yuki Hirano : Keys, Bass
Tripmastaz : Production, scratches

Recorded and mixed by Uri Djemal at Madpan Productions New York, NY
Assisting engineer Sal Gallassio
Mastering by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio, New York, NY

Artwork by Misha Tutyunik (
cover edits by Alexis De Tarade

Krussia for A Step Ahead Production Inc

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