Daily Archives: October 13, 2013

CMJ Live Stream

If you happen to be not in NYC on Oct. 17 or you found an excuse not to come, the great people at GANDER.TV, will be live streaming the show here – > https://www.gander.tv/event/drom-krussia-1018-130am-230am Shout out to GANDER.TV for the Hook up

CMJ Import Export 2013

We have the privilege to join the line up during the official CMJ International Hip Hop showcase on Thursday Oct. 17, 2013 at DROM in NYC, along other artists and musicians from such countries like Switzerland, Holland, UK, Spain and Canada. Presented by Fiona Bloom and The Bloom Effect. If you happen to be in NY on this day, i […]

Efficacy Interview

Recently i had a chance to do an interview for the YouTube channel “Efficacy”, presented by New York master promoter, Fiona Bloom. Efficacy is a series of video vignettes where musicians from around the globe answer the same set of questions to kind of give you a look into who they are. Shout out to Fiona Bloom for making it […]