For You / Для тебя ft. Blitz the Ambassador, Iam

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Filmed/Directed by Chris Le in April 2010. People in the cut : Alto, Oleg Grozniy, Dj Shark. Additional editing – Eric Martinez for Elevation Suite Снято режиссёром Chris Le в апреле 2010.  Свой народ в кадре : Олег Грозный, Dj Shark, Alto

Ripping in NY ft. C-Rayz Walz

Directed by Dan “The Man” Melamid (  Shout out to people on the set : Carlos Henriquez, Murad Syltaliev, Eric Johnson, Aisha for the pictures, Profy Proff (the man behind the flag), my brother in hustle Glen Cavanagh ,.. Additional shout out to Pat Cook @ DQM ( for hooking a dude up with the best street gear to come […]


My first video, directed by the Swiss team  – Oliver Conrad and Gian Klainguti ( The guys trusted me against all odds and are responsible for giving me a dope start within the visual world and showing me what it means to work on a video and not only pose in front of the lens. We were fortunate to win […]