Satellites / Сателлиты

Second video with director Dan the Man (, shot entirely on a GoPro camera. Skaters in the cut are, Leo Gutman, Taji Ameen (Acapulco Gold), Dave Willis (Zoo York). from the upcoming album “Diagonal” produced by Tripmastaz. Available with instrumental and remixes

For You / Для тебя ft. Blitz the Ambassador, Iam

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Filmed/Directed by Chris Le in April 2010. People in the cut : Alto, Oleg Grozniy, Dj Shark. Additional editing – Eric Martinez for Elevation Suite Снято режиссёром Chris Le в апреле 2010.  Свой народ в кадре : Олег Грозный, Dj Shark, Alto

Ripping in NY ft. C-Rayz Walz

Directed by Dan “The Man” Melamid (  Shout out to people on the set : Carlos Henriquez, Murad Syltaliev, Eric Johnson, Aisha for the pictures, Profy Proff (the man behind the flag), my brother in hustle Glen Cavanagh ,.. Additional shout out to Pat Cook @ DQM ( for hooking a dude up with the best street gear to come […]


My first video, directed by the Swiss team  – Oliver Conrad and Gian Klainguti ( The guys trusted me against all odds and are responsible for giving me a dope start within the visual world and showing me what it means to work on a video and not only pose in front of the lens. We were fortunate to win […]