Nationless World Trailer

My friend and SFE bandmate Jie Song Zhang is in the process of filming “Face of the Nationless World” – a documentary about artists from all over the world who came to NYC, and i was fortunate to be in the trailer. (shout out to Jie for hooking it up

CHile – CHelyabinsk

Couple weeks ago i had the honor of doin an exprompt freestyle with Anita Tijoux, a dope MC from Chile while her show in Brooklyn… i have to mention, that the nickname of my hometown Chelyabinsk is actually Chile – coincidence ?A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Timothy Bisig who made the connect possible and Anita for letting me […]

Album ArtWork

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After going through mad designers/illustrators over the last year (canada, usa, france) and hearing from everybody “stop being picky…settle already with something” i bumped online into 5NAK ( – An artist from Russia who’s been knocking out crazy shit for a while. MAD PROPS goes out to 5nak for this “On Point” work. (images from

FORTIFY pt.2 ft. Iam from Soulmafia

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(music by Tripmastaz, video shot and edited by Oleg Grozniy)

Krussia & SFE @ Show & Prove

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I’m rocking with SFE (Stone Forest Ensemble ) @ Show & Prove event – battle among other crews nd Mc’s for the right to perform at Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival with De La Soul – June 17_Public Assembly_70 N 6th St, Williamsburg, BK – Show 9.30

MOVIN’ KEYZ with Soulmafia @ Santos

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bad sound quality… but who gives a f..

Recording Vocal Scratches w/Blitz The Ambassador @ RedHookStudio Bk

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About 3-4 years ago i bought a CD from a dude outside WholeFoods (or whatever it was at this time) on Union Square,.. 2 years later i perform @ SOB’s… dude who rocked after me – Blitz, burned down the house, we built, recorded a track, did a video, he ended up being on i-tunes top 10 with his album, […]


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BIG thanks goes out to Jacob Breinholt who did a write up about Soulmafia and Krussia on –

Beatboxing set @ Avion

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a recent beatboxing set at Az Blaze’s party @ Avion

Soulmafia with Krussia _I Can’t Get Enough_Acoustic set

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i had the privilege to rock with Soulmafia at their acoustic set @ Gibson Showroom..crazy atmosphere, lots of dope musicians, lots of … and … and tequila … and bunch of hangover the day after…shout out to Dave who fixed the sound,…